Performers, Directors & Staff Admission, Wristbands & Badges

All Wristbands are event specific and are nontransferable.  Abuse or violation will result in significant penalties, event or season disqualification.

Director Badges/Wristbands:

  • Director badges may not be transferred or shared and may only be used by the individual they are issued – once per event.
  • Holders of director badges will obtain one (1) additional staff wristband at ensemble check-in for that event.   You must present the director badge for validation and sign for receipt of the additional wristband – one wristband per event, per badge.
  • A Director badge is not valid for admission or entrance to any event.
  • No wristband, no entry.

Staff Wristbands:

  • Each ensemble will receive six (6) staff wristbands at check-in.
  • If hospitality is provided by the host, staff wristbands are required as access.
  • Staff wristbands provide access to performance side of the event.

Performer Wristbands:

  • Performer wristbands will be provided at check-in.
  • Performer wristbands are only to be used/worn by performers.
  • Performer wristbands provide access to the back-side stands only.
  • Performer wristbands are not to be used by adults, volunteers, non-performing students, adult or student equipment handlers, etc.
  • Performer counts/numbers provided at check-in will be confirmed with actual number of performers in the performance area.   If there are fewer performers on the floor than the number of performer wristbands issued at check-in, your ensemble will by penalized 1.0 point and charged/invoiced for each additional.
  • Performers will be required to wear wristbands at all events and must be worn/displayed to enter to perform and/or re-enter after performance.
  • Wristbands will be confirmed at pre-stage and the ensemble entrance.
  • Performer counts must be provided/updated 4 days prior to the event.  Ensembles without performer counts will not be added to the performance schedule.
  • Update your performer counts by the deadlines, or email us at with your performer counts prior to an event to avoid delays at check-in or at the ensemble entrance.
  • Non-performers can obtain spectator wristbands at the ticket booth.  Please do this prior to pre-stage.