Event Registration

Event Registration

2021 Membership and Event Registration opens Early October.

To register your ensemble for events, you will need two (2) things: 

  1. an account for you the ensemble manager, and
  2. an ensemble in our system.   

If you have changed ensembles or are no longer associated with an ensemble, let us know so we can attach your ensemble manager account to the appropriate ensemble – yes you can manage multiple ensembles.

If you are a new Ensemble Manager and/or Ensemble, click below to submit a request to create a new account for yourself and/or ensemble.  We will not create duplicate ensemble manager accounts or ensembles.   See here for a list of active ensembles.


If you have an account and are not sure what email address we have for your account, please contact us at registration@wgasc.org so that we may confirm the log-in for you and your ensemble.
If you’ve forgot your password, you can use the “Lost Your Password?” link on the sign-in page.

You can now have two (2) ensemble managers for your ensemble and you will be able to register for events and manage your ensemble information.  Be sure to use Chrome.

You must have an ensemble manager account and an ensemble attached to your  account to Register for Events!

  • Classes.  We have a new class structure.  Look here for more information prior to registering your ensemble.
  • Enrollment Eligibility/Verification – all ensembles will be required to complete and provide proof of enrollment/eligibility for all performing members of the ensemble, and if an independent ensemble, age.
  • Emergency Forms – all ensembles will be required to show proof of emergency forms for all performers upon checkin at each event.
  • Adult Supervision – all ensembles will be required to have adult supervision while on the event site.

If you have an ensemble manager account – SIGN-IN HERE