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Royal Cavaliers (CA)

Division: Exhibition

School:Royal Cavaliers Winds
City, State:Pomona, CA
Director:Robert Lowery
Staff:Ramiro Castaneda/Staff, Joshua Sanchez/Staff, Robert Lowery/Director, Kevin Truong/Staff, Emmanuel Arredondo/Staff

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2020 Show Information

Show Title:Aum (The Sound of The Universe)
Description:Aum symbol is one of the most sacred symbols in Hinduism. It symbolizes the Sound of Universe, the original sound of the first echo when the universe was created and the light came on and presented itself everywhere. The Ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). Fusing the two creates the most powerful MANTRA ever. If you sit still, and let the mind be free, you will hear the sound of AUM, like a distant cosmic hum. Listen within you; it’s not outside you, it is you. When Aum is part of our mantra, such as in Primordial Sound Meditation, we experience the fully expanded level of creation, attuning our individual souls to the Ultimate Reality.

2020 Scheduled Performances

Mar 7 Ramona HS Ramons HS (RIV)