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Montclair HS (CA)

Division: Regional A

School:Montclair HS
City, State:Montclair, CA
Director:James Ana
Staff:James Ana/Director, Kittyana Mitchell/Staff, Mario Estrada/Staff, Jesse Gaspar/Staff

2020 Show Information

Show Title:Perfidious
Description:Our show explores the world after death in which we find ourselves being pulled by some unknown forces in a specific direction. Prologue- Our story starts with the demise of our large body of characters. Leaving them wondering what is in store next. Movement 1- In our first movement our members find themselves looking for a direction to go after their demise. The are met with confusion and bewilderment as they attempt to navigate their way. There are forces from beyond that are attempting to draw their attention and lead them in one direction, however our members are still lost and seem to be oblivious to what's right in front of them. Movement 2-At the beginning of this movement the forces from beyond are finally visible and our members are being lead to a point of rest. We see our forces help guide our members out of their confusion and on the correct path. Movement 3- Everything is not what it appeared to be and the forces from beyond are not leading us to a place of rest and eternity but rather to a place of fear, torment, and oblivion.

2020 Scheduled Performances

Mar 6 Palm Desert HS Palm Desert HS 71.60 - 2nd
Mar 21 AB Miller HS AB Miller HS
Mar 29 Colony HS Day 2 (Reg A,A,Open,World,Con) Colony HS
Apr 5 2020 Semi-Finals Day 2 (Reg A,A,Open,World,Con) King HS
Apr 18 2020 Championships Azusa Pacific University