Scholastic Enrollment and Eligibility Verification (MULTIPLE SCHOOLS)


All Scholastic Ensembles will now be required to submit proof of student performer enrollment/eligibility no later than February 1.

I further understand if performers/students are added or removed from the ensemble throughout, I must submit/upload a new form as soon as possible prior to the ensembles next performance.

IMPORTANT: Use this form for performers/students who are participating with the “Sponsoring” ensemble and are enrolled in a school other than the “Sponsoring” school.    Additional schools must be from within the district and meet all the other ensemble/performer eligibility requirements as outlined in the rules – see ….

Complete a “Multiple School” form for each additional school from which you have student/performers participating in “Sponsoring” school/ensemble.   The Sponsoring School must submit a “””””  as well.

On completion of the form and pressing ‘Submit’, a copy of the completed form and a PDF version of the document will be sent to the SPONSORING School Director Email.

Scan all completed forms and upload to your ensemble profile.

(Note: is a great way to merge multiple PDF documents into a single file for uploading.)