Check-in for Ensembles

All ensembles will be required to provide and adhere to the following at event check-in and while on the campus of the event. 

IMPORTANT:  Beginning March 7, if you are unable to show proof of Emergency/Release Forms at check-in, wristbands will not be issued and your ensemble will not be permitted to perform.

    • A student or minor can no longer check-in an ensemble.
    • Person checking in must state their relationship with the ensemble.
    • A responsible adult must remain on the event site while all student performers are on campus.
    • The responsible adult must provide a cell phone number they may be reached at while on campus in the event of an emergency.
    • Person checking in the ensemble must show proof of emergency release/contact forms for all performers.  The forms will remain in your possession – do not give them to check-in.   Simply show the hard copies or screen on a device with e-copies of the forms.
    • The emergency forms remain in the possession of this adult while on campus.
    • Forms are either physically or digitally in the possession of the director and/or adult checking in the ensemble while on campus for the duration of the event.
    • Performers/students can not be left behind or unattended at any event.

Thanks for your cooperation.