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2020 0229 Rancho Buena Vista @ Mission Vista High School

February 29


Show Notes

This event takes place at Mission Vista High School - please see map below.


Ensemble Warmup Transit Pre-Stage Perform Time
Junior:Junior - Valley Center MS (CA) 9:00am10:05am10:15am 10:30am  
Novice:Novice - Mount Miguel HS (CA) 9:10am10:15am10:25am 10:40am  
Novice:Novice - Classical Academy HS (CA) 9:19am10:24am10:34am 10:49am  
-- Break - 5 mins --     10:58am  
Regional B:Regional B - El Capitan HS (CA) 9:33am10:38am10:48am 11:03am  
Regional B:Regional B - Point Loma HS (CA) 9:42am10:47am10:57am 11:12am  
Regional B:Regional B - Ramona HS (Ramona, CA) 9:51am10:56am11:06am 11:21am  
Regional B:Regional B - Godinez Fundamental HS (CA) 10:00am11:05am11:15am 11:30am  
-- Break - 10 mins --     11:39am  
Regional B:Regional B - West Hills HS (CA) 10:19am11:24am11:34am 11:49am  
Regional B:Regional B - University City HS (CA) 10:28am11:33am11:43am 11:58am  
Regional B:Regional B - Fallbrook HS (CA) 10:37am11:42am11:52am 12:07pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Costa Mesa HS (CA) 10:46am11:51am12:01pm 12:16pm  
-- Break - 5 mins --     12:25pm  
Scholastic Concert:Scholastic Concert - Guajome Park Academy HS (CA) 11:00am12:05pm12:15pm 12:30pm  
Scholastic Concert:Scholastic Concert - Del Norte HS Concert (CA) 11:10am12:15pm12:25pm 12:40pm  
-- Break - 45 mins --     12:50pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Laguna Hills HS (CA) 12:05pm1:10pm1:20pm 1:35pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Oceanside HS (CA) 12:15pm1:20pm1:30pm 1:45pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Marina HS (CA) 12:25pm1:30pm1:40pm 1:55pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Huntington Beach HS (CA) 12:35pm1:40pm1:50pm 2:05pm  
-- Break - 10 mins --     2:15pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Bonita Vista HS (CA) 12:55pm2:00pm2:10pm 2:25pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Olympian HS (CA) 1:05pm2:10pm2:20pm 2:35pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Patrick Henry HS (CA) 1:15pm2:20pm2:30pm 2:45pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - El Camino HS (Oceanside, CA) 1:25pm2:30pm2:40pm 2:55pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Del Norte HS (CA) 1:35pm2:40pm2:50pm 3:05pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Rancho Buena Vista HS (CA) 1:45pm2:50pm3:00pm 3:15pm  
Independent A:Independent A - Cornerstone Percussion (CA) 1:55pm3:00pm3:10pm 3:25pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - Eastlake HS (CA) 2:05pm3:10pm3:20pm 3:35pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --     3:45pm  
-- Awards - 15 mins --     4:00pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Feb 23, 2020 10:06:48 am PST

Judges Assigned

Music Troy Hall
Concert Music Analysis Troy Hall
Concert Artistry Allan Kristensen
Visual Sean McDermott
Eff Mus Allan Kristensen
Eff Vis Bill Fritz
Timing & Penalty Rachel Casey
Starter TBD TBD
Tech Sasha Stone
Show Coordinator Paul Casey (A)
Announcer Christopher Rutt


February 29
Event Category:


Mission Vista HS
1306 Melrose Dr
Oceanside, CA 92057

Locations, Dates and Times are subject to change.