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Troy HS (CA)

Division: Regional B

School:Troy High School
City, State:Fullerton, CA
Director:Joseph Castillo
Staff:Erika Pedroza/Staff, Hiram Rivera/Staff

2020 Show Information

Show Title:Connected
Description:All beings are hard-wired to communicate, but humans perpetually find ways to speak to each other more efficiently. Centered around the technology of communication, this show will depict mankind's evolution as communicators since the first message was transmitted across wires. As with most advances in technology, the rate of advancement has grown exponentially since that first transmission. As we become able to communicate more rapidly, we have become ironically DIS-connected by the technology - our communication is sterilized by keyboards and screens. In this production, the audience will experience episodes portraying significant modes of communication such as Morse Code, the telephone (wired and wireless), and the most global and universal form of contemporary communication: the social network. From wired to wireless and spoken to texted, "Connected" will take you on a journey through the advancement of the technology that connects mankind today.

2020 Scheduled Performances

Feb 22 West Covina HS / Edgewood MS West Covina HS / Edgewood MS 74.20 - 2nd
Mar 21 AB Miller HS AB Miller HS
Mar 28 Colony HS Day 1 (Novice Reg B, Jr) Colony HS
Apr 4 2020 Semi-Finals Day 1 (Novice, Reg B, Jr) King HS