Press Release – ADLA and WGASC Join Forces

CARLSBAD, CA – September 2019 – After more than 30 years of WGASC and ADLA producing educational focused events and competitions, we are pleased to announce the joining of these two organizations. For the past decade, ADLA and WGASC have been strategic partners in technology, events and organizational resources. The benefits of the merger will allow an already solid relationship to look to the future and provide even greater opportunities, resources, and coordination of the indoor marching arts in Southern California. 

We look forward to combining resources that will allow directors, students and fans the opportunity to have greater exposure, greater experiences, and the best educational opportunities in the region.

“With similar organizational missions, there is already a strong synergy between WGASC & ADLA. I am excited for the future, where working together through shared resources, we can have a more profound and lasting impact in providing education & performance opportunities to the youth involved in both our competitive arts communities.” Melissa Samson, President WGASC.

David Henkel, President of ADLA shared that “We are excited about the merger of our two great organizations into an even greater single organization. By merging, ADLA and WGASC we can leverage the strengths of both organizations, improve on operational efficiencies, and provide access to performance opportunities and events in more areas throughout the Western United States. It just makes sense for so many reasons.”

We look forward to forging the future as one!

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